Uniting experience, evolving care.


The objective was to create a logo identity and visual brand for a strategic marketing therapeutic company specialising in the Cardiovascular area.

The logo would need to represent and symbolise the initiative of the healthcare organisation.


An Infinite heart. The logo mark symbolises the infinite pathways in the cardiovascular system and in drug research and development. The symbol reflects the heart behind the work that never ceases to progress, innovate and care for patients.

I developed a bespoke colour and image treatment scheme and a brand mechanic that would extend across interior design for their office space as well as print and animation. The logo was used as part of the interior decoration to remind the staff of the importance of their work everyday.


A fresh and modern aesthetic with a strong emotional concept that every member of staff can get behind.

WHAT I DID. Logo & brand design
The logo mark symbolizes the infinite pathways in the cardiovascular system and the strong link between the heart and kidneys.
A fresh and modern aesthetic with an strong emotional concept.


The company wanted a symbol that would be future proof and created in such a way that it would require minimal updates or none at all during the development of future products.

The logo allows for flexibility that can be used in a variety of colours and combinations. This would represent the vibrant product line of the company.

Interior decoration to remind the staff of the importance of their work everyday.
The identity would be the new face of the Cardiovascular health company, reinvigorating excitement for future products lines.
I developed and produced a set of comprehensive guidelines to help ensure correct implementation of the brand in future.
My design was developed through a meticulous process from initial sketching to final computer renders.

In my experience as a freelancer I have had the opportunity to develop and refine my creative process on a multitude of different projects with a variety of timescales to deliver high quality work. 

There was a tight deadline on this project and I had to really streamline my creative process.

In undertaking this project I learnt how to manage my time more efficiently, adapting my process to deliver to a short deadline.

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