It’s been a honour to work with some amazing clients and teams to deliver some of my best work and share my knowledge to students around the world. Hear what they have to say.
"I collaborated with Gareth David Studio on a 2020 social media campaign with the purpose of starting a conversation on shortcuts and engaging the design community.

From the very start of the project, Gareth quickly envisioned its creative path and constantly brought up new ideas to strengthen and sharpen the concept, while still keeping an open mind towards changes and counter ideas.

He worked with a seemingly infinite supply of creativity while maintaining a firm grip on the project management in weekly status meetings, framework presentations, creative discussions and content delivery. It was an absolute pleasure to witness the passion, drive and tight execution Gareth brought to the project.

The campaign was immensely successful for both parties and I would not hesitate for a second to bring Gareth in on any future campaign or project!"
Alex Regel
International Marketing Coordinator
"Gareth is an incredible designer who really cares about the client, their vision & project. On all of my projects Gareth has put his heart and soul into the finished output and always over delivers and over exceeds my expectations.

He is extremely talented with a lot of skill and I love his mix of styles. His years of brand building experience really shine through in everything he produces. Constantly impressed."
Louise Graham
Senior Producer
Breakthrough and Make More Impact
"I have had the pleasure of working with Gareth David since the summer of 2017. Gareth helped me when my hair care products business, Lena Maye was in its very early stages.

Gareth created Lena Maye’s product labels, then our branding and lastly the Lena Maye website, all of which I am very happy with. In addition, I constantly receive compliments from customers about how stunning and amazing the packaging, branding and website is. From the start, Gareth has always been consistent and reliable plus always extremely passionate with the works he completed for me.

I was able to explain my ideas and Gareth was able to interpret it in ways that I could not believe to bring forth the best outcome for my business and its needs. Communication is excellent with Gareth and he does take the time to understand and listen to your views whilst incorporating your ideas into the project, he also brings his expertise to improve matters, whilst helping you understand the reasons behind his ideas as an expert in his field.  

Gareth is exceptionally talented, hardworking and creative, making issues that I thought were complicated less complicated for me. Gareth always produces a very high standard of work, delivering on the task each time and always in my view, gets it right.  It has been a dream working with Gareth and I feel honoured that he has been part of the Lena Maye journey helping my business to become a success."
Coretta Scott
Lena Maye
"We’ve had Gareth into work with us at ITV Creative a few times over the years. Gareth is an effective member of any creative team and collaborates well with other members to generate fresh design solutions and see them through to completion.

In 2018 between June to August, we bought Gareth back to work on a channel brand. We were very happy with the contribution Gareth brought to the project and the quality of his work.We would be happy to work with Gareth again in the future."
Angela Lyttle
Senior Producer
ITV Creative Brand & Design
"Gareth came to Hiveworks in March/April of 2019 to help us specifically with creating the branding for a completely new application we were designing for a fintech client.

The brief was completely open, which meant that Gareth had to do a bit of work to create his own brief to inform his work. He did a great job of assembling all of the information he needed and then proceeded on a very systematic process to examine potential names and eventually brand directions for the application.

I was very impressed by the quality of his work and our client was very pleased with the overall brand direction."
Vincent Hudson
Head of UX & Product Design
"I have worked with Gareth for several years and he has a real flair for creating visuals that strike the right note - really added to the professionalism of events like our Master Investor exhibition, for which Gareth created a whole branding identity which drew universal praise."
Robert Tyson
Senior Producer
Breakthrough and Make More Impact
"Excellent teacher amazing content!

I have followed 4 of Gareth's courses from beginning to end. I must say he is an excellent teacher and I can only recommend him!"
Eszter Szabo
Student - Denmark
"A wonderful teacher! Explains everything in easily understandable details. The best graphic design teacher I've ever encountered."
Mari Xachapuridze
Student - Georgia
"Gareth David knows his stuff! He patiently teaches what he’s obviously mastered. Thank you for all the free and very affordable content you give out to the world. The world is a better place because of you; you’re indeed making a huge difference! Peace!"
Miranda Oluwatoyin Bassagi
Student - United States
"He is a great tutor and everything he say in his courses and video is super clear and consistent. I highly recommend his videos to everyone who is a graphic designer or considering to be a graphic designer. And if you are just starting, it would be the great place to start because here you’ll get the clarity of design fundamentals and tools you need to learn."
Prashant Rawat
Student - India
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