Ep 18 – Effects & Presets in After Effects

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In this tutorial we are going to take a look at effects and presets in After Effects.

Over the past few episodes we have been looking at how to animate manually from scratch, creating shapes, paths and animating media we have brought in from other programs. 

Now After Effects comes pre installed with a whole range of effects and presets you can use to add a variety of dynamic effects to your sequences at a click of a button.  

In this video I will be introducing you to one of the most useful panels in After Effects. 

‘The effects and presets panel’ 

Where I will be showcasing a number of simple and easy effects and presets you can use in your video sequences. 

After this video you will get a better understanding of how effects and presets work so you feel more comfortable moving forward. 


Tutorial by GD.
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Written by Gareth David

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