Ep 37 – Synchronising to Music After Effects

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Now most of the time, when people use audio for their videos it’s most commonly simply played in the background.

It just plays, and here is no real connection between the visual and the audio.

Now sometimes you will see a video presentation that is edited to an audio clip, and the edit is in time with the background track.

For the video presentation we are creating we are going to edit it alongside an audio track. 

Now editing a clip along an audio track can be a little complicated and tricky to do.

In this video I am going to share a technique I often use which works quite well for me, which I hope will help you.

In this video I am going to bring in a music file and we are going to look at how we can prepare to sync the entire video presentation to music. 


Tutorial by GD.
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Written by Gareth David

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