The Popularity of War Games for the PC

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War games for the PC are one of the major topics inside the gaming industry. Over the decade we have seen a lot of war games being developed and more will follow in the coming years.

It is no surprise that game developers love to make war games. Based on statistics, gamers - especially the younger generations - enjoy playing them, whether it be shooting aliens from outer space or Nazis from World War 2. War games like Gears of War, Starcraft II, and the Call of Duty series have brought in millions of dollars to developers. Successes like these are what draws other developers to jump onto the same bandwagon.

Game play and graphics on these war games for the PC have changed dramatically over the years - from simple activities like mining minerals and building units to managing your economy even up to a political level. As for graphics, games like Crysis have brought the standard up to the next level, introducing features like real time high dynamic range lighting and great physics that push a PC's capability almost beyond its limits.

War games for the PC are not without their controversies. Quite a number of developers were forced to make changes to their games as they were met with harsh criticism. A few examples of those criticisms are games where users get to play as members of Al-Qaeda, a game that focuses on actual events during the Afghanistan war. The public often sees this as a disrespect for those who have died in the war. But designers feel that it could actually be seen as celebrating the patriotism of those brave soldiers.

Because of those controversies, some developers have tried to take advantage of the media attention. In the upcoming game that EA is releasing, it is being reported that you can actually play the "Taliban" faction. That caused an uproar in the community and the developers had to change that to the "insurgent" faction in Iraq. Many people view this move as a very dirty advertising method. EA knew that the topic revolving around the current conflict is very sensitive but they tried to go ahead with their plans anyway, knowing the controversy would boost their sales.

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