The importance of having a good, detailed design brief should not be underestimated. But what do you do if you’re not provided with a brief?

This scenario may seem like a stretch, however it’s far too common and when you do come across it you want to be prepared. Depending on the client, you may be provided with a well detailed brief, which is ideal, or you may simply be given verbal instructions or no brief at all. Other times the client will give you a brief, but it won’t answer all the key questions you need answered.  

Some clients feel a meeting is more beneficial as ideas and the project can be discussed verbally in a more informal and collaborative scenario. Other clients will give you so much information and references that you may be unsure where to start. 

Whichever scenario you find yourself in, you want to establish a solid design brief before starting on the project. There is no value in fumbling your way through a messy or misinformed brief, or worse, guessing what the client wants. Be clear at the start of the project what it is you are working towards and the timeline you have to get there. 

So, in the event you are not issued with a design brief before a project, understanding what the client wants and extracting key information from them to build the brief can be a challenge. 

Key information will rarely be submitted to you by the client. You will often have to actively seek the information from the client yourself. You can do this over the telephone, over a video call, at a face-to-face meeting or over email via a questionnaire. 

In my experience, I find using a Client Brief Sheet can help capture all the key information I need. This is basically a questionnaire for the client to fill in at the very start of a project.  Now, instead of you having to create this document yourself, I’ve gone ahead and created a template for you.

To learn more about the templates and how to use them, be sure to watch the video for instructions at the top of this article.

Download here

Access the design brief downloadable folder, including design brief examples and templates from the FREE GDS resource library.

What you get

Within the brief downloadable folder, you’ll find a digital client brief sheet, a printable client brief sheet and a design brief template. Using these documents, you’ll be able to extract all the information you need to start your design process. See the video to learn more about how to use these free downloadable documents.


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