Now when I design for anything, especially print, before I jump onto the computer I usually start on paper, sketching my ideas and thinking about how I might want to layout out my design or focus on various design elements and details.

In the industry these drawings are referred to as scamps.

So what are scamps?

Well to put it simply, a scamp is a drawing, or sketch of an idea. These, are created to bring to life and visualise your idea and share them with others.

Now a scamp can be a quick idea you had in a coffee shop, a simple doodle on a handkerchief, or a full blow colour work of art.

Scamps are used in the industry to communicate an idea, and depending on how much you want to communicate you can draw your scamp accordingly.

My experience with scamps are to draw out a design, or composition where it is passed on to other design professionals like a photographer who will use the scamp as a reference to get the right angle or a picture close to what I want that will work in the main design.

I may have to sketch a magazine layout, or paper fold idea to get sign off from a creative director or client.

In this video I am going to show some examples of scamps and discuss the importance of them.

If you’re not currently in the habit of creating them yourself, i’ll be explaining why you might want to consider drawing your ideas more and how this will help you in future.

Enjoy and be creative!

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Tutorial by Gareth David Studio.
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