I’ve been working as a designer for over 13 years now and in that time I’ve worked with a variety of clients, from small independent start-ups to global companies. For every project I’ve worked on, I’ve worked from a design brief.

When starting a new project, it’s so important to ensure you have a design brief. This ensures you know what your goal is for the project, helps you stay on track and understand the client better. Now, sometimes I’ve been given a design brief, but other times I’ve had to help the client build one. Whatever the case, be sure to have a design brief in hand before you start designing as it will make everything so much simpler.

So what if you’re in the situation where your client doesn’t have a brief and you have to help them build one?

Many clients either don’t know how to write a design brief, don’t know they need one of don’t understand the importance of them.

If you’re new to design, you may not have seen too many briefs before. So, how do you guide them on what they need to include to help you do your job better? Well, I have some good news for you. I’ve created a downloadable folder with examples of design briefs and a design brief template. So, next time your client asks you for some design with an incomplete design brief – or no brief at all! – you know what to do.

Download here

Access the FREE design brief downloadable folder, including design brief examples and templates from the FREE GDS resource library.

Download here

What you get

Within the brief downloadable folder, you’ll find two design brief examples and templates to help you build your own brief including a digital client brief sheet, a printable client brief sheet, and design brief template documents.

I’ve created templates in both Illustrator and InDesign, so you can use the program you’re most comfortable with. The templates include all of the necessary information and are completely customisable depending on the project at hand.

Using these documents, you’ll be able to extract all the information you need to start your design process.

If you are seeing this for the first time be sure to watch the video below ‘Build your own design brief’ to learn more about how to use these free downloadable documents.

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